Problems with your host? Our mediator helps you.

In Basel's hotels and restaurants, you have the right to expect excellent services and good value for your money. But nobody is perfect! That's why there is frustration in rare, single cases.

What can you do in case of negative experiences in a restaurant? Please complain! Complaints and constructive criticism are a unique chance for your host to improve his services and also gives him the chance to correct a mistake.

If a problem between you and your restaurateur cannot be solved on the spot, please write our mediator a letter or an e-mail.

Dr. Alex Hediger
Ombudsmann des Wirteverbandes Basel-Stadt
Freie Strasse 82
CH-4010 Basel / Switzerland
Fax +41 61 278 94 90

If you have complaints about a hotel, restaurant or bar outside of Basel, please contact the complaint office of the Swiss Restaurant Association:
Gästereklamationen (complaints)
Blumenfeldstrasse 20, CH-8046 Zürich / Switzerland
Phone +41 1 377 53 53, Fax +41 1 377 51 60